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Cleanse Program

If you’re a newbie to cleansing – welcome! You don’t need to worry –  you are not signing yourself up for weeks of intensity – you can start with the beginner options and see where that takes you! For the more seasoned cleansers, you can choose the intermediate or the advanced

juice cleanse stages.


(Newbie Cleanse)

$135 (3 Days)
4 Smoothies + 1 Juice

Smoothies : Berry Me, Banana Mango, Sea Side, and Personal Trainer

Juice: Nana’s House

Stage 1 is ideal for beginners or those who would like to maintain an active lifestyle throughout the cleanse process. Our smoothies will leave you feeling nourished and full so you will not experience hunger throughout the process. Stage 1 still offers a great benefit as you are resetting the body by choosing more nourishing ingredients than your daily diet provides.


Stage 2: INTERMEDIATE (Bolder Cleanse)

$195 (5 Days)
3 Juices + 2 Smoothies + 1 Wellness Shot

Juices: Church Ave, Garden Ménage, and Red Eye

Smoothies: Berry Me and Personal Trainer

Wellness Shot: Lemon Ginger/Cinnamon Elderberry/Turmeric Pepper

Stage 2 is the next step of detoxification. As more of your daily intake is replaced with juices the digestive system gets more relief. When your body requires less energy for digestion, that energy is able to go to other systems in the body, effectively enhancing detoxification by refining those bodily processes. To curb hunger throughout the day, we suggest that you drink lots of water and save your smoothies for moments of peak hunger.


Stage 3:  ADVANCED
(Full On Cleanse)

$390 (6 Days)
6 Juices + 2 Wellness Shots

Juices: Church Ave, Nana's House, Garden Ménage, Red Eye, Gentle Detox, and Blue Coral

Wellness Shot: Lemon Ginger/Cinnamon Elderberry/Turmeric Pepper/Coco Chlorophyl/Orange Wheatgrass/Blue Lemon Zinger

Mind over matter is the name of this stage. The total cleanse completely replaces your daily fuel with fresh cold-pressed juice, meaning that your digestive system is mostly relieved of its duties. This break gives your body the opportunity to reboot and rid itself of toxins built up on a daily basis. We recommend completing this cleanse for at least 3 days.


Why Cleanse?

We are all trying to be healthier and create longevity and vitality. A cleanse is a powerful way to give your body and mind a complete reset. Think of it as a ‘rejuvenating spa session’ for the inner body – you’re totally nurturing your whole system to restore and revitalize itself.

How does it work? Well, the body is able to release stored toxins built-up over our lives from the consumption of food, drinks, pesticides, air, and water, and other toxins that we are unknowingly consuming on a deeper level.

Some signs that you need to detox:

  • Lack of focus

  • Uncomfortable bloating

  • Constipation

  • Puffiness

  • Fatigue

  • Skin irritation (rashes, acne, rosacea)

  • Weight gain

The benefits of taking part in a cleansing:

  • Boost energy

  • Support weight loss

  • Strengthen immune system

  • Improve skin complexion

  • Clearer mind

  • Anti-aging

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