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Fuel Your Body. Balance Your Mind.

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Organic Cold Pressed Juices & Smoothies

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What Makes Us Different

Locally Sourced

We source our ingredients from vendors in New York. This practice minimizes our impact on the environment, supports small businesses, and increases the freshness of our products.

100% Natural Ingredients

Thanks to our local providers, we are able to offer 100% natural ingredients to offer a nourishing, plant-based menu.

Cold-Pressed Juice

Our cold-press juices ensure that the maximum amount of nutrients are preserved during the juicing process. This means that your body receives nourishment that supports your health goals.


What's Your Flavor?

Everyone has their own health goals according to their lifestyle. Our menu and approach have been crafted to cater to a diverse range of taste preferences for those who seek to provide their bodies with nourishment that supports vitality. That way, you can get closer to your goals without compromising on taste! 

Choose Your Wellness Path


Pure Nutrition with
Сold-Pressed Juices

All of our juice recipes have been formulated to aid specific aspects of bodily function to keep you balanced. 


Colorful & Flavorful

Our delicious smoothies are filling in the best way- meaning that your body gets a boost of clean energy while using fruits and veggies to curb your appetite.


The Power of
Wellness Shots

Wellness shots offer an extra boost and can anti-inflammatory effects on your digestive system!


Discover Our
Special Cleanse Kit

Cleansing is a fantastic way to reset the body by removing toxins and breaking unhealthy habits. We have 3 cleanse programs that were developed to boost vitality with refreshing flavors and natural ingredients.

Juice Cleanse Options


Local Delivery

Customize your order online and we will deliver your juice cleanse program to you within an X mile radius.


In Store Pick Up

Visit our location and design your cleanse program with one of our staff.


Curbside Pick Up

Pre-order your cleanse package online and pick up in the store!

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